In the current technology-centric business environment, regular updates to IT infrastructure are commonplace for forward-thinking companies. However, the value-recovery aspect of managing obsolete IT assets is often overlooked. Supply System Industries (SSI), a UK-based company, is addressing this area by supporting IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) companies, helping them maximise revenue during the remarketing phase of IT asset disposal.

SSI’s Role in Enhancing ITAD Revenue

SSI contributes to the Value Recovery process through several key methods:

  1. Expert Appraisal and Valuation: SSI’s team of specialists assesses the residual value of retired IT assets, taking into account market demand, condition, and refurbishment or recycling potential.
  2. Environmentally Responsible Disposal: SSI is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that the disposal of IT assets adheres to global environmental standards.
  3. Maximising Financial Returns: Through strategic partnerships and a strong sales network, SSI ensures the best possible financial outcomes from the resale or recycling of IT assets, boosting ITAD companies’ profitability.

Benefits for ITAD Companies Using SSI’s Approach for End-User Customers

  • Improved Customer Value: SSI’s Value Recovery strategy enables ITAD companies to offer enhanced financial returns from asset disposal, increasing appeal for end-user customers.
  • Greater Customer Trust: Adopting SSI’s sustainable disposal methods aligns with environmental consciousness, bolstering customer trust and loyalty.
  • Competitive Edge: SSI’s expertise in appraisal and valuation offers ITAD companies a competitive advantage, attracting customers seeking maximised returns.
  • Assured Compliance: SSI’s adherence to regulations ensures compliant disposal, reducing regulatory risks for customers and providing peace of mind.

SSI’s approach allows ITAD companies to not only benefit themselves but also to extend these advantages to their end-user customers, enriching their service offerings.


Managing the lifecycle of IT assets is crucial in today’s digital age. SSI’s approach, while not revolutionary, offers a practical solution that reduces costs and supports environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. For ITAD companies, incorporating SSI’s Value Recovery strategy is a wise decision for a more sustainable and profitable future.

SSI’s method in IT asset remarketing represents an enhancement in standard operational procedures, turning a routine task into a financially and environmentally beneficial practice.

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