Sell your Hardware

We want to buy your used enterprise IT equipment, offering the fairest market prices and exchange values.

Solutions overview

Because enterprise IT hardware has no further need by one organisation, it is rarely 100% unserviceable and superfluous.  The product can be used in many environments; as a spare part for a service contract, in a more low-intensive application, or in a less developed part of the world.

We want to buy your:

Servers | Server Components | Data Storage | Networking

We use multiple techniques to maximise your financial return.  Defective items may be brought back to operation through repair.  Systems may need cosmetic attention to make them sellable.

Data-bearing devices, including HDD & SSD, require certified data erasure.  We use industry-standard sanitisation software to achieve this.  All data-wiping can be backed up with a certificate of data erasure.

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