Incredibly frustrating

Discarding a fully functional component, such as a motherboard or HBA, can be incredibly frustrating simply because a small and inexpensive plastic retainer clip has broken. It is not practical or professional to sell a damaged component, and it will likely result in a warranty return.

Most motherboards have retainer clips to hold various components in place, including memory and graphics cards. Reaching these components from PCIe slots can be difficult without damaging the clips or the device. As a result, many boards end up with broken or damaged clips.

Expensive, sometimes costing thousands

When it comes to motherboards, they can be pretty expensive, sometimes costing thousands. Throwing away a perfectly functioning motherboard doesn’t make sense because the retainer clip is broken. Unfortunately, buying replacement clips directly from the motherboard manufacturers is not a realistic option.

Affordable solution

At SSI, we found that the most affordable solution to the problem was to create our replacement parts using 3D printing. We have several printers that are operating at total capacity on most days. We use a premium heat-resistant plastic filament, often better suited than the original moulded part.n.

Promoting sustainability

Our goals can be divided into two parts. Firstly, as a business, generating revenue is crucial for our success. However, equally important is promoting sustainability and encouraging the reuse of our products. This solution aligns perfectly with our ethos.

To ensure the safe delivery of costly components like CPUs, we utilise 3D printing technology to create our packaging.

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